Commercial & Office Cleaning Service

Commercial Carpet Cleaning has never been easier with the New Age Carpet Cleaning 7-step process. Our powerful cleaning technology will remove difficult stains and tough walk through traffic dirt and grime. New Age Carpet Cleaning utilises a special formular that is completely safe for the environment, staff and customers. 

We utilise carpet dryers which get your carpets dry quickly with our carpets dry within 3 hours. Minimising disruption to your business and allowing you and your staff to get on as usual. Our commercial cleaning technicians are trained and accredited by the ACCI (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute Sydney) and ensures the most professional clean of the highest quality possible. We guarantee that every clean, is our best clean. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Our Commercial Pre-clean Process

We know that like many commercial spaces, they are exposed to high levels of foot traffic and with busy foot traffic means lots of dirt and grime. Unlike residential carpets, commercial carpets are a higher grade and designed to withstand alot more wear and tear. Our Pre clean process starts by using a industrial strength vacuum to remove dry dirt and soils from the carpet and ensure that carpet fibres are properly spread. Our carpet cleaning technicians take their time ensuring we pick up as much as we can during this process. 

Pre-treatment Cleaning Process

Commercial carpets are often covered in drink stains, coffee stains, food, mud and dirt. We have even had blood stains, these are just some of the tough stains we see on a regular basis when cleaning commercial carpets. Our pre-treatment of our powerful cleaning solution is sprayed over the stained areas and allowed to penetrate the surface. This carpet pre-clean stain removal process is a completely safe product and will not harm your staff, customers or the environment.  This is an important part of our service, and is part of the reason why you get your carpets cleaned. That's why it's included in all our services without charge.

Greener & Safer

Our carpet cleaning technology utilises special greener and safer solutions that leave your carpets fresh and bright, immediately after the clean. This makes sure your commercial area is a healthier space for your people. 

Furniture Care

To ensure that none of your furniture legs stain the carpet, we place small plastic tabs under the feet of all your furniture.

Dry in 3 Hours 

Special driers are placed on your carpets to guarantee your carpets are dry in 3 hours, so you and your team can get back to what matters! 

Post Clean

Cleaning up after ourselves is natural for our technicians. It might sound like common sense, but most carpet cleaners leave your hard floors and skirting boards dirtier than it was before the clean. We want your space to be better for having us there!

Finally we groom your carpets after cleaning to reset the pile and ensure the best possible finish.

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